Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party with Sassy_2

Another peak at one of Sassy's fabulous parties.

Today we're going to take a peak at 2009... The year of SCOOOOOOOOBY DOOOBY DOOOO!

Gracie, Jefe, Reba, Sassy, E
 Earning her coolest mom of the year points, Sassy found a couple that actually rented out the Mystery Machine for the day.... too cool

Jefe is so going to kill me for this....but I had to.
Fun & Games

Goodie bags for each of the kids

Ruh Ro Shaggy!! Someone stole the Goodie bags!!!

Clues to where the goodie bags could be  found.

Hoop toss

Feed Scooby his Scooby snacks

Pin the eyes on the Creeper
 My Favorite pic from the party. K & his bouncy house.  He definitely liked it much more this year.

Super K's Picture Op

Pokey & the Scooby Pinata
Ghoulish Decorations 

The Cake
Made by Sassy of course

Having Fun!

Honestly, could it get any cooler???

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Party with Sassy

As if you haven't figured it out by now I am definitely NOT the artistic one of the 3 girls.  I'm the funny one. But that doesn't mean I can't take pride in my sisters and appreciate their coolness.   Because Gracie can & does post so much of her awesomeness I thought I would share a little bit for Sassy.  

If you know Sassy, you know that she really should be a party planner.  She's organized and has had some of the best party ideas ever!  

So over the next few posts I'm going to share with you some of her super-d-duper birthday partaaaaaaaays.

Starting with K's 2nd Birthday...

2007 was the year of Curious George

 The front porch and just a few of the decorations

Another one of Sassy's fabulous talents... makin' cakes!

Fun & Games

Jumping House
Me doing the Face Painting

Gracie sportin' her face paint

Make your own binoc's & go on a creature safari scavenger hunt

'Fish for a Toy' (For you older folk, it's that Polyanna fair moment)

Finding out what was on the other end of the pole... (Curious George)

More Decorations

I remember how HOT it was that day... you can tell  by looking at Super K here.  
We're sporting the cool shirts Sassy made for us. 

 More shots of Super K sportin' her Curious George shirt.

Mr K was NOT digging the bouncy house at all that year.  His older brother, I believe, had the brilliant idea to throw his beach ball into the bouncy house to get K to go in.  This is one of my favorites of him from that day (though I have many).  He got his ball and then promptly got OUT.

Yet another one of my favorites.... dang he's cute

Sassy 'the party planner' and the birthday boy

So this is the first of many wonderful party's that Sassy has held.  Come back again to see more!

What's your favorite birthday memory?